Earn 3.50% Tron daily.
Forever. Accrued by the second.

Automatic TRON smart contract. Absolute transparency. Withdraw dividends from the first second.

  • Transparent.
  • Withdraw any second.

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7% is affiliate reward.

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Your dividends

Dividends updates every second. Minimum investment is 1 TRX.

Questions & Answers

After investing, tron will be accrued into your profit wallet everyday. The base rate is 3.50% + your tier. The more you invest, higher your tier will be ranked.

7% Affiliate (if any) & 5% dev commision. All the rest of funds go to investors, which means the contract will last longer than daily ROI that gives 10% to token holders.

Nothing. The contract will still run on the blockchain.

Yes. Your active investment is checked to calculate your tier. Your tier is highlighted in blue above.